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Our Quality

Metallurgical Microscop

Olympus Compact Inverted Metallurgical Microscope GX41 Japan. It is one of the latest microscope of OLYMPUS-Japan. It is used for checking the microstructure of bearing components. By this equipment, we are maintaining consistent quality of microstructure as per standard norms in prime raw material as well as in heat treated rings, roller & balls. It leads to improve the bearing performance.

Surface Roughness Tester

SJ-400 Mitutoyo Japan. Surface finish measuring instrument is being used for checking the micro geometry, it evaluate parameters like Form geometry and surface finish of components.

Roundness Tester

RA 116 Mitutoyo Japan. It is the best quality measuring instrument. It is used for checking the roundness, squarness, concentricity and coaxiality of bearing and components, which ensure the running accuracy and long life of JEI bearings.